2015 in music

Version française ici.

This annus horribilis is coming to an end. Numerical, individual and human rights are in danger, beaten by the fear. This year, States are afraid of its people. And you have to protect you from the States. In this way, I suggest you to protect your numerical data (hard disks, electronic communications…). Solutions exist : VPN, TOR… There is a price for freedom, and now it needs more and more money.

6 days of innocence before the bullet storm. Gravediggers of Liberty started their work, with fear as a flagship. Fear is the better tool to clone and to lock your thoughts, and to transform us into warmongers. The Crime of The Century is here.


Living in Paris, I saw many great exhibitions. For exemple, there was the  little bit deceptive exposition/memorabilia/fan room “Davis Bowie Is”. But I will always love you, David.

There was the skills on playing with pop culture by Jeff Koons. Their productions are so precise, very impressive.

Hulk Organ

And there was the never-ending party of colors, the chromatic and musical greediness, the  Chagall ‘s wave brush (until January 2016 in Paris !!!).

After three years of writing and evening courses, I obtain a new diploma. Tie and suit were worn for this occasion.

Why so serious ?


A year full of travels, with #SheIsPlum.

“London Calling” first, with some cultural walks in the city and crazy shopping.

In summer, an emotional and disturbing back to the roots in Warsaw. Paternal root and a place  where the tremendous upheaval of the last century took place, Warsaw is a city where you can feel the battle for it land and the European lava of war.

We find a local market of vinyl buyers on a street of Praga. We chit-chatted with them, and we find a LP from Halina Frąckowiak’s first band, a polish pop and funk singer, ABC. You can find an song of the Halina’s first solo LP just below :

And there was The City, center of one of the greatest European civilization, spiritual place and Zone of Amazingly Good Food, Roma. We walk from East and West and To North and South, but I just saw a little part of it. But, I was sure that I wanted to declare to #SheIsPlum that I wanted to go further with her, and the nightly lighted Coliseum helped me !

It was there ! (Coliseum on the left)

Because of economic reasons, only one vinyl shop had been visited in this city. But I found one of my favorite live album of PFM (next post ?), “Cook”. Listen to this furious and latin instrumental :


This year was a great for one for the music. My passion for heavy and noisy music was plainly fulfilled.

One day, looking at my Twitter timeline :

Psychedelic jazz, sweet rise and drums solo ! Thanks @NoraGaspard !


Lux Lisbon, the efficient Brit-pop (a 45-RPM chronicles here).


The new LP from TesseracT, prog with a ear-crafted sounds and a renewed vocal. Tour de force.


The dark, compact, torture ans inspiring metal  from Oathbreaker turn me upside down.


An unexpected and fantastic come-back. The noisy-rock of quality from Failure appears with a new LP “The Heart Is A Monster”, following the incredible “Fantastic Planet” published in 1996. Listen it now !


Last but not least, the best discovery of the year. I missed the Kickstarter, I’m so upset of this but now I listen endlessly this LP. Good Tiger offers a prog-metal with complex guitar patterns but with a brilliant taste of pop :

It is time to stop this post and to go toward a new year. Despite lost hopes, the heavy atmosphere of the warmongers, keep on reflecting and take the time for it. But, above all, I’m so proud of you, my son, my daughter and #SheIsPlum.

PS : 2015 was a bitch, and she went away with the last Rock’n’Roll man , The Orgasmatron of sound,  Mr. Lemmy Kilminster. Rest in Noise, your legacy will survive.

“Only way to feel the noise is when it’s good and loud”



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